Self Care is a Mindset


Where do you see the hashtag self-care? I see it under a picture of a beautiful model sitting in a bath, or a picture of yogi on the edge of a cliff, or even under a picture of a women trying to sell detox tea. Those pictures are great and all, but they aren’t the only ways to take care of yourself.

Self- care isn’t always Instagram worthy. It’s about your mindset, deciding to treat yourself with kindness, love and compassion. Living with a “love myself” intention has been my mindset for the past few months. This is going to be a list of every “#self-care” task I do and when I do it. My hope is to inspire you to start you own mindful routine.


My daily routine is what some call “boring self-care”. It’s the stuff I need to do often to feel healthy and energized.


Walk my dog 3 or 4 times



Eat 3 meals

Wash my face


Affirmations in the mirror

 Pick up my house

The key to the daily self-care is short tasks. Everyone can spare a few minutes here and there. Also notice I had to write down eat 3 meals and wash my face. I was neglecting myself on a real level.


My weekly routine is about motivation, motivation, motivation.


Spend time with friends

Go for a walk by the river

A form of deep meditation

Treat myself with ice cream or coffee

Clean my house

Soak in a warm bath

The key for weekly self-care is all about doing things I’m going to look forward to. The week doesn’t drag as slow when I have enjoyable tasks to do in my free time. This list really keeps me positive throughout the week.


My Monthly routine is things I schedule with a professional. 


Deep Tissue Massage

Energy Healing

The key for monthly self-care is making time for the important stuff. Therapy, energy healing, and massages are so imperative for my mental and physical health.

Self- care is so much more than what Instagram shows. Not everything that is perfect for me will work for you, but now you have a template to start with. So live intentionally with love, kindness and compassion for yourself and everything will fall into place.

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