Climbing Higher

If you have read Jane’s first and second week you are probably wondering what ever happened to her. The last three weeks have been busy, and our schedules haven’t meshed. I went on vacation, she had a beloved pet pass away, and of course thanksgiving just passed. We were both ecstatic to finally be able to work out a time on Monday for a massage.


This hasn’t been a good hiatus for Jane. “The last week I was in bed for 4 out of the 7 days because of pain. 2 of them I got out, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to go but one was thanksgiving and I had to go no matter how I felt.” Jane explained further how she has been planning 1 day of activities followed by 2 days for recovery.

 Without massage therapy her confidence in her body’s abilities has been dropping. If you remember in week 2 of seeing me, she went out with friends for coffee or drinks 3 times. Her planner was full of activities and she wasn’t scheduling multiple buffer days between them.


“With the 3-week break seeing how quickly it just got worse and I wasn’t able to do as much, and I was fighting pain more and that would have been the only thing I had done differently.”

Jane isn’t passively letting her pain control her decisions. She goes to multiple doctors, takes medication, tracks her diet, stretches daily, tries to strengthen her core and now, massage therapy. “I was trying everything I knew to try. And I felt like massages were more like a luxury instead of like physical therapy. But you realize with what it’s doing for you that it’s more therapy.”


Jane has been to spas and different therapist before she started seeing me. I asked her why she thought she was having better results now than in the past. She said “it’s you for starters in the past when I went, she did a Swedish massage and wouldn’t do deep tissue. And so that’s part of the reason, just specifically you and how you do them. And then because I’m getting them every week and being vigilant about it. Because when I stop, I go down quickly.”

I am glad we started this journey together and watching her overcome obstacles from her pain has been rewarding. She brags to me about how many hours she slept or all the extra stretching she could do after her massage.  She is gaining back her life and doing things she loves again.

“I was doing massages when I was in a hole, that’s when I did it. And that might have given me a little bit of a bump, but I had no idea much higher I could go doing it regularly instead of just crawling me out of that hole it helped me reach a level I didn’t know I could get to.”

Jane will continue to be my client, but I will no longer be documenting her progress on my website. If you see yourself in Jane, it’s time to schedule an appointment and start your climbing out of the hole and going to levels higher than you imagined.

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