Should I take off my underwear? and other FAQs

I’m going to take all the mystery out of getting your massage. It’s hard to relax when you have a million questions swirling in your head. There is nothing more important to me than my clients being relaxed, safe and comfortable during their sessions. These are the questions I hear at least once a week.

Why is there an intake form?

Collecting personal information before your massage is for your safety. Some medical conditions are contraindicated, meaning you shouldn’t get a service if you have it.  Recent surgeries, open wounds, colds, and the flu are a few examples.

The intake form also gives you a chance to write down areas you want me to focus on and areas you never want me to touch, like ticklish feet. If you have any questions about the form, feel free to ask. The intake forms are locked in a filing cabinet, so no one sees your personal information except for me.

What if I have an allergy?

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I use hypoallergenic oil and lotions. I have a tree nut allergy, so I know how important it is to avoid the allergen at all costs. So please tell me if you are concerned, I might use a product you’re allergic to. I never want to be the cause of you having a reaction or having to go to the doctor.

This is also something to write down on your intake form. That way I see it before your massage and I’ll have a reminder for the next time you come in.

How far should I get undressed?

John Mulaney has a funny joke: “I got a massage and the woman told me to undress to my comfort level. So, I put on sweater and a pair of corduroy pants, and I felt safe.” So, what does undress to your comfort level really mean? It means you can keep on any clothing that makes you feel more comfortable during the massage.

A lot of people keep on their underwear because that makes them feel safe. It won’t affect the quality of your massage. Also remember when you are on the massage table you will be covered by a sheet the entire time. I uncover an area, like your back, massage it and then cover it again before moving on to the next area.

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What do I do with my arms?

This seems like silly question to ask but it’s a common one. It’s the same feeling of being photographed and forgetting how to hold your hands naturally. The most common placement for your arms is by your sides on the table. For some people that is uncomfortable though. If you are one of those people, just tell me and we can make adjustments. That way, you can fully relax.

What if I have a skin condition?

Peeling skin, flaky skin, dry skin is no big deal. If it’s not something contagious like a rash you can still get your massage. So, if you have a non-contagious skin condition or winter just kicking your butt, don’t feel self-conscious. The massage room is a judgement free.

What if I didn’t shave my legs?

Every single woman apologizes to me for not shaving her legs. I am serious, it’s every woman. First, never apologize for how your body is naturally. You are human, you are going to have hair. I always get goosebumps as soon as I walk out of the shower and ruin my perfect shave. Second, I touch hair on backs, arms, legs and feet. Your stubble is no biggie and I probably didn’t even notice the hair until you pointed it out. Once again, the massage room is a judgement free room.

What if it hurts?

Communication with your therapist is key, just like in any other relationship. I’ll ask you how the pressure feels, please do not grin and bear it.

You won’t hurt any feelings, I’ll just back off on the pressure. Different body parts might be more sensitive than others, but I won’t know that unless you tell me. “that’s too much pressure.” Is all you have to say.

Now your ready for your massage.

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All the unknowns are gone and can relax. Of course if you forget everything you just read by the time of your massage, you can ask me in person. I want you to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed every time you come see me. I’ll answer all your questions before, during and after your massage.

If I forgot anything, leave a comment below!

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