Intro to Reiki

When I tell people I am a Reiki Practitioner here in the Midwest, I often receive funny looks. My mom calls it the “woo woo” and wiggles her fingers like a cartoon witch. What my mom doesn’t understand, Reiki is not magic, its not religious, it’s not “woo woo”. Reiki helps us channel the energy we already have to heal our own bodies.

What is Reiki?

Mikau Usui (1865- 1925)

Reiki pronounced “Ray-Key” is a Japanese system for balancing, healing and harmonizing all aspects of a person. The current healing system was founded by Mikau Usui, it was only orally passed down from teacher to student for decades. Rei means sacred, soul or universal knowledge and Ki means life force energy.

Traditional beliefs and scientific evidence agree that energy flows through and connects all living things. Sound, light, humans, all are part of the electromagnetic spectrum and vibrating at different rates. Energy is everything.


What happens in a session?


Before starting, you and your Reiki practitioner will talk about any questions you have, what you are looking for from the session, and will ask you to take off your shoes. You will lay on the massage table fully clothed. There will be dim lights and soft music in the background to help you relax. The practitioner will place their hands onto specific areas of the body and will never touch any private areas. What you can do during this time is, close your eyes and relax.


What does it feel like?


When I receive Reiki, it feels like cool water from the hose touching your lips on a hot summer day.  Its completely gentle, refreshing and flowing. Most people agree Reiki feels incredibly relaxing, peaceful and calming. Some clients will feel heat or tingling during their session. Some areas of the body might feel cold after the practitioner’s hands are moved. Emotions might come to the surface, its okay to laugh or cry if you need to. Its also okay, if you start to fall asleep or your muscles jerk. Your body will react in different ways to the stagnant energy being released. The harmony created in your body will simply have you feeling amazing.

Reiki is a beautiful form of energy healing. There is nothing like feeling balanced on all levels of your mind and body. It’s a gift everyone should give to themselves at least once.

Self Care is a Mindset