4 Ways To Help That Post Massage Feeling Last


You just got finished with 90 minutes of bliss. You feel like you're almost floating. Your massage therapist smiles at you and walks out the room to wait for you to get dressed. Everything in your body feels relaxed and you're wondering if you were snoring when you fell asleep. You're walking on a cloud and you want to feel this way forever, so how do you get that feeling to last after you leave the massage room?

#1 Water

If you've ever had a massage and the next day you feel sore and achy. That's because you did not drink enough water after your massage. When you drink enough water, it helps the lymphatic system flush out bodily waste. Drinking water also promotes circulation in the body.


There are beverages to avoid after a massage. Coffee, caffeinated beverages and alcohol aren’t helpful when you are trying to stay hydrated. Coffee can also take away the relaxed feeling and replace it with jitters.

An easy way to make yourself drink extra water is adding lemon slices and a straw.

#2 Down Time

Sometimes clients still must go back to work after their massage. You should always schedule some downtime after your massage. Some time to be alone, to be with yourself. Don't go straight from your massage to a stressful situation. Give your body time to process and fully enjoy the gift of massage therapy. Down time will extend the life of your after-massage glow by a mile.

#3 Light meal

Because of how relaxed your body gets sometimes your blood pressure does go down during your massage. That's why your massage therapist will ask you beforehand if your blood pressure is controlled, to ensure your massage safe. For a little pick me up after your massage eat a light meal or snack. Try to avoid a heavy dinner or a lot of junk food because those things will have you feeling sluggish.


 #4 Self-care

What I mean by self-care is take a bath, use an ice packed, soak your feet, or meditate. Your massage therapist might have even suggested a few things for you to do when you get home. Do something at home that is going to help remove tension from your muscles and relieve stress. Try to be consistent with it because it will help you maintain your body between appointments.

The secret to extending the post massage, floating on air feeling as long as possible is to take care of your body. Give it the water, nutrients and love that it needs and your body will reward you.

Disclaimer: Every body is different, these are recommendations from my experiences and not medical advice.

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