Can Massages Get Rid of Back Pain?

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80% of Americans experience back pain and this pain accounts for 50 billion in healthcare cost every year. We all want a solution to this pain. In my practice one of the most common reasons people come in is for the back. I am very passionate about helping people with back pain, because I have experienced it myself.

Can massages get rid of back pain?

So short answer is yes, massage therapy is an incredible tool to alleviate pain all over your body. Massage therapy is low risk, non- invasive and has a long list of benefits. Long answer is, it depends.

There are so many different causes of back pain. Some clients can’t pin point when they first started feeling the pain creeping in. Some clients had a million tests ran on them and still don’t know the cause. Back pain can be complicated and mysterious. Back pain can be caused by a sprain or strain, genetics, disease, accidents, or a multitude of other factors.


how massage therapy can help some common forms of back pain.

Muscle Strain- normally caused by lifting something heavy or just sharp moments. There are also temporary conditions that cause strains, such as pregnancy. Massages are going to increase circulation, the increase in blood flow will aide in recovery. It will also help reduce the spasms, irritations and soreness in the muscles.

Scoliosis- Abnormal curve in the spine. “A 2006 case report by Michael Hamm, LMP, found massage to be effective at relieving pain, improving sleep and increasing the ability to conduct daily activities for people with scoliosis.” -

Fibromyalgia- Pain, tender points, fatigue are common side effects. Massage therapy increases the happy hormones, increases circulation, reduces pain and improves sleep. I recommend lymphatic massage for clients with Fibromyalgia, my clients have seen the best results with this modality.

Chronic Pain- There are a lot of different types of chronic back pain. You can read here, for a real life example how massage therapy can help with chronic back pain. Jane had a 360-degree fusion because her spine collapsed. She has Bilateral Neuropathy meaning that her sciatic nerves are permanently damaged. Over the last few months we have got her back to herself. She has a vibrant social life, can sleep 8 hours and can start working again.


Stress- Massage therapy treats the person as whole. Not only does it have a physical effect on the muscles and systems of the body, but it also has effects on the mind. Massage therapy is proven to relax the mind and ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is an important factor because a fair amount of back pain can be traced back to a psychological source.

Massage therapy works the great in conjunction with other forms of health care. So always consult a doctor for a diagnosis and medical advice. I have continued my education in pain management and integrative health care, so that my services seamlessly fit into client’s treatment plans.

Massages, in my opinion, are one of the best ways to alleviate back pain. We have the science to back it up. It is a proven way to speed up the process of recovering, improve sleep, get back to feeling like yourself again.

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