Pricing + Services


Swedish Massage

$70/60 mins, $100/90 mins— The perfect massage for your first time. This nurturing massage is exceptionally relaxing. Benefits include, improved mood, circulation and reduced muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

$45/ 30 mins, $80/ 60 mins, $110/ 90 mins— Best for targeting specific areas of the body. This massage uses restorative techniques to dispel tension and aches. Deep tissue massage targets deeper areas of the muscles.

Chronic Pain Wellness Package

$350/ 5 hours in office massages—  This package is customized for clients with chronic conditions. This package includes 5, 60 min massages, take home tracking sheets, and progress reports.

Onsite Massage

$125/90 mins — a benefit of being a loyal client in the office, is the ability to schedule massages in the comfort of your home. Terms and conditions apply.


Lymphatic Massage

$75/60 mins, $105/90 mins— The lymphatic system in our body is an important part our immune system. This massage encourages the flow of lymph by using long, rhythmic strokes in the direction of the lymph nodes. Great for people feeling sluggish and also for athletes, surgical patients, fibromyaliga and chronic fatigue sufferers.


$40/ 30 mins, $70/60 mins, $100/ 90 mins — A Japanese technique developed by Mikai Usui based on the idea that life force energy flows through all of us. The session will start with intentions, followed by the gentle Reiki technique. The therapist will place their hands in several positions on or just above your body starting at the head. Benefits of this energy work includes a calming sense of overall balance.

Distant Reiki sessions offered upon request.

Swedish Massage + Reiki

$100/90 mins — Combining these services is an incredibly relaxing experience. The session starts with a Swedish massage followed by 30 mins of Reiki.