Chronic Pain Wellness Package

“but I had no idea much higher I could go doing it regularly instead of just crawling me out of that hole, it helped me reach a level I didn’t know I could get to.” -Jane



This package was designed to complement pain management/treatment plans. It is customized for clients with chronic conditions. This package includes 5, 60 min massages, take home habit tracking sheets, and progress reports. During the first session we will establish intentions and goals, review your history of pain, and start taking notes of where you are feeling the most discomfort. Over the 5 weeks, we will track your progress, and adjust your goals and services accordingly.


Key Benefits

Every day is different with chronic pain, and your massage should adjust with your needs. With this package we can customize and mix massage types to give the body exactly what it needs in every area. Clients after the 5 sessions have seen dramatic results such as lowered pain levels, increased sleep, energy, and improved range of motion.


Terms and Conditions do apply. Package can not be shared or transferred to another party. This package is not a substitute for medical treatment.

More Benefits

Not only is this package more economical than buying individual services, but it also gives you more priority on my schedule. Weekly massages are shown to give better results and I will work with you ensure you have a spot every week. My practice is focused on your individual journey. We will set intentions together for your services, track your progress, and improve your overall health over the 5 weeks.